Surry Hills


Assiette, Surry Hills (Closed)

November 19, 2011

Mr O’s birthday was all set to be the most expensive meal of our lives: Bilson’s Epiphany degustation with matched wines. Aannnddd then Bilson’s closed. It was not to be. The challenge was on for Mr O to choose another restaurant. He tossed around many ideas… Rockpool, Berowra Water’s Inn, Bentley… but kept going back […]

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Crave SIFF 2011: 121BC, Vini & Berta’s Three Piatti, Three Posti, Surry Hills

October 22, 2011

One of the first Crave dinners we wanted to book in was the progressive dinner ‘Three Piatti, Three Posti’. Unfortunately it sold out really quickly and all we could do was go on the waiting list. Ahh well, we’d just add it to the list with the Hats Off dinners at Guillaume at Bennelong and […]

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Cotton Duck

Crave SIFF 2011: Cotton Duck’s 10 Mile Waddle, Surry Hills

October 19, 2011

Jared said he chose to do a 10 Mile Dinner for the simple fact that a 100 Mile Dinner would be too easy. Nice, 10 Miles ain’t that far when you think about it. Sure you will still have access to a lot of produce in that small area but unless that area happens to […]

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Bar H

Bar H, Surry Hills

September 9, 2011

Another day, another Spreets deal. We’d heard good things about Bar H and wanted to go there for ages but with this one coupon we were quite undecided as the value just didn’t seem to be there… sure for dinner for two sounded good, but we couldn’t see how it was worth 0. In the […]

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Spice I Am

Spice I Am, Surry Hills

May 19, 2011

When good friends Damien and Jade said they would be in town I thought it would be a crime not to at least have a beer with them. We decided a bite to eat and a few drinks were in order. I thought about where to go and ended up settling on Spice I Am […]

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bills, Surry Hills

May 1, 2011

After what was a rather epic night at Tetsuya’s and a few drinks at Zeta Bar I woke up on my birthday feeling a million times better than I would have expected. We had decided on breakfast at bills for the simple facts that it had been quite a while since our last visit and […]

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Bird Cow Fish

Bird Cow Fish, Surry Hills (Closed)

February 26, 2011

Getting up on the weekend for an early breakfast is hard enough but when heading into the city to have breakfast with friends it’s even harder. Luckily there is always another option, brunch. Having a full day booked out for wine tasting, lunch and dinner starting at Bird Cow Fish for brunch made perfect sense. […]

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Marque Restaurant, Surry Hills

January 28, 2011

Two of the things I love most in the world are food and birthdays, so naturally my birthday always involves a celebration with close friends and good food. I spent my 25th in the Hunter Valley tasting some of the region’s most decorated wines and fresh local produce, my 26th at a pasta making course […]

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Tokonoma, Surry Hills (Relocated)

January 6, 2011

When a Spreets email came floating along with an offer for Tokonoma it was one we could not refuse. A two for one deal on their $90 Banquet that also included a bottle of White Wine. We arrived and all we needed to do was advise it was the ‘Spreets’ offer, hand over our vouchers […]

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Cotton Duck

Cotton Duck, Surry Hills (Closed)

November 19, 2010

I completely and utterly adore birthdays and the celebrations that fall off the back of them. So coming in to November and one of my best friend’s birthdays I was eager to know where we were going for dinner. The choice was of course Jared Ingersoll’s latest venture, Cotton Duck in Surry Hills. Never having […]

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Billy Kwong Chinese Eating House

Billy Kwong, Surry Hills (Relocated)

July 7, 2010

I had been talking about dining at Billy Kwong for years but never actually made it, so when Em wanted to catch up for dinner mid-week I decided enough talking about it, let’s do it. I left work and rushed up to Surry Hills to make it to the restaurant in time for opening – […]

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