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by dylan on March 31, 2013



Back so soon, well yes and no. After our great evening on the Friday our waiter suggested we should come back in the morning for breakfast. We had already decided on Machine Laundry Cafe for the Saturday morning but beyond that we were open to suggestions for anything open on the Easter long weekend.

Sunday rolled on and after using the powers of social media to ascertain what cafes were open we decided to take smolt up on their breakfast offer. We arrived in Salamanca Square to find it quite lively with people everywhere. As we walked up to smolt it appeared quite full and yes, it was. So we ordered coffees and sat out the front waiting for a table to become available.

smolt baked eggs with house braised beans, Italian & morcilla sausage and roasted ciabatta ($17.90).

Before our coffees were ready we had a table and menus in front of us. I was instantly drawn to the baked eggs, it was a chilly morning and something about a piping hot dish of eggs and beans really seemed like the perfect thing to do. But then there were the specials which can sometimes be a game changer – an omelette with mushroom, tomato, capers and cheese – I almost folded.

But alas the thought of the combination of baked beans and sausage won me over. As soon as it hit the table I knew I was on to a winner. I lathered my grilled ciabatta in butter and dunked my life away. Superb, everything was cooked immaculately and went so well together. Beans cooked how they should be, creamy cheesy goodness, generous lashings of spinach, tasty meatballs of Italian sausage and a few morsels of morcilla throughout just made this a fantastic brekkie.

smolt baked eggs with house braised beans, Italian & morcilla sausage and roasted ciabatta

smolt baked eggs with house braised beans, Italian & morcilla sausage and roasted ciabatta

omelette special ($13.90).

Since Lex hates condiments so much, braised beans put her off the same baked eggs as me and neither of the other two options seemed to grab her fancy. Once again the special looked a great option and Lex was sold on it.

I think as soon as everything arrived Lex had food envy. Her omelette was nothing like either of us had envisaged. We were both thinking of a glorious three egg omelette folded with a soft, gooey centre and a rich enticing filling. Sadly this was not the case. Cooked all the way through with ingredients added along the way this was more like how we used to cook omelettes at home before we knew the better way. It was dry and rather bland, Lex soldiered through almost half before she gave up.

omelette special

omelette special

There was a bit of a dichotomy here; my eggs were out of this world awesome, Lex’s were the polar opposite. This saw me come away gleaming with praise and Lex feeling a little lacklustre. Omelette aside we really do love smolt, the staff are super friendly, the coffee is great and it is such a nice space to sit and enjoy a meal. We’re still thinking about their gnocchi.

2 Salamanca Place
Battery Point TAS 7004
(03) 6224 2554
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milkteaxx June 12, 2013 at 11:01 am

i love having eggs for breakfast and both those dishes looks so heart warming! yum yum!
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